Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, is the ability of machines to think, analyze, and respond like humans or, in other words, mimic human intelligence. A self-driving car is the best example of how a machine can perform complicated tasks that involve intelligence, data analysis, and critical decision making. The idea of AI marketing covers a broad range of capabilities from voice and image recognition to machine learning and semantic research. Any smart device exhibits some level of machine learning and thus falls under the category of AI.

In online marketing, AI enables marketers to develop truly personalized and relevant interactions with their audiences. Marketers depend largely on tools that can streamline their operations by eliminating lengthy manual work such as sending personalized emails to thousands of potential customers. The ability of computer processors to collect and analyze huge amount of data can help marketers make better decisions.

Areas where Artificial Intelligence has a Role to Play

Following are some of the areas in online marketing where AI can bring about dramatic improvement:


It is of paramount significance for a business to understand its customers by categorizing them as segments. As a growth-oriented brand, your success largely depends on how well you segment your market and reach relevant audience. We live in a data-driven, hyper-connected world where technology plays a crucial role in shaping human behavior. AI systems have incredible filtering and associative power to hone and engage ever-growing data.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Intelligent chatbots are transforming the way customers connect with the brands. Many businesses have already been using live chatbots or AI systems to deliver customer experience in which customers cannot tell if they are talking to a computer. Chatbots can really help you set your site apart in an increasingly competitive environment. Following are some of the unique benefits of AI chatbots:

  • Chatbots do not sleep so they can serve your website visitors 24/7 without having them to repeat themselves with every interaction.
  • They can recognize human emotions such as anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction without losing patience. They transfer the interaction to a human representative in cases where people show anger and other unusual reactions.
  • In the presence of AI chatbots, your customers do not have to wait for the next agent.
  • Chatbots have the potential to foster brand loyalty.

Content Marketing with AI-generated Content

It may sound impractical at this moment to say that content marketing will die to robotic AI one day. Nevertheless, machines have already started writing pretty good content for marketers. Gartner reveals that by 2018, 20% of business content will be authored by robots. Wordsmith is one of the examples of AI systems that turn data into human-friendly text. AI cannot fully replace human content writers. However, it can help marketers produce content based on market data and financial reports.

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Personalized Web Experience

AI makes it possible for you to deliver personalized user experience. It helps you display personalized content and offers to all your prospective customers by analyzing their devices, interests, locations, age, gender, past interactions, etc. It also sends emails automatically to visitors based on their recent interaction with your site.

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Businesses are all about solving complex problems for their customers. Moreover, with the help of AI, companies would be able to deliver highly customized user experience.

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