Conversion is the key indicator, which attracts all Internet marketers. It is the cause of all online rivals and intense competition between world companies. And today, we suggest you consider seven key content marketing tricks and tips that will help you to turn your visitor into a buyer. So what are we waiting for?

1. Effective and Targeted Content

The first and the most substantial trick is content efficiency. The qualitative content can help you to win potential customers. Simplicity and surprise will entice your visitor to interest your product. Only reliable and verified information is able to turn a casual visitor of your website into a buyer.

Almost 70% of online specialists believe that the most difficult task is to create exciting content.

2. Tempting Headlines

The second tip is a really tempting headline for your content. It can help you to attract the attention of a potential buyer. Today, users receive so much unnecessary information that they have used to ignore it. The task of the correct heading is to get attention. Show that this is exactly what a person needs at this moment. Be sure to give due attention to its creation.

3. Use Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience

This is among the important content marketing tricks. A British electrophysiologist, a researcher of the nervous system, Edgar Dale has proved that people remember information in this ratio:

  • 10% of read
  • 20% of the heard
  • 30% of seen
  • 50% of the information they discussed
  • 75% of practiced
  • 90% of information retold to another person

There is something to ponder, right? This research could be useful for your content creation strategy.

4. Spreading in Social Media

Now let’s talk about social media promotion in digital marketing. Here, you should engage as many social networks as possible. There are many of your potential buyers. So you can create a plan of posts for each social media and publish the material with a certain periodicity. After all, social media marketing is one of the most essential tools for any business!

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5. Optimization

Content marketing tips for startups always include optimization. But it is a MUST not only for business beginners but for everybody. Because content should be convenient for search engines. Your material should take the first place in the search. Why? This position brings a lot of free traffic!

6. Convenience of the Content Perception

One of the most actionable content marketing tips is making the content easy to perceive.

35% of companies are confident that the key to their success is the creation of enticing content.

But without an audience, your content is simply powerless. How often do you read a blank sheet of text on several screen turns? Most likely, you close the page and look for something else. Your client is the same!

7. The Ability to Distribute Your Content

The last point of our content marketing tips list is that you can create social media buttons so that users can share your information. In addition, you should create the most useful material, which is likely to share. Remember that the main task of content marketing is creation of such information that could interest your visitor. As a result, a person will come back to you again and again to make purchases.


Content marketing is the extremely promising direction of business promotion. People trust each other and buy from each other. This means that competent content and marketing strategies can bring the glory of an expert in your niche, new customers, conversion growth, and profit to your campaign.

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