Online video marketing is becoming cluttered. Everyone wants in because it is the biggest trend right now. It provides value to the customers, and stats say it brings 66% of more qualified leads to the marketer. However, not every video will produce such amazing results. As always, you need to think about your buyer personas and their journey before you get started. In short, you need to be focused on your video marketing strategy. In this article, we will present you three most popular video formats. Keep reading to find out how these types of videos can help you create successful video marketing campaigns.

Short-Form Video

Audiences are consuming more and more short-form videos. They are easier to make and distribute. What is more, it is easier for your audience to remember a short-form video.

The short-form videos (90 seconds or less) are great to use at the awareness stage of your customer’s journey. These short and emotional ads can easily attract the attention of many people, on any network online.

In the crowded content pool, the best way to leave a lasting impression is to create short bits of content that are easily consumed. Additionally, when you know you only have so much time to get someone’s attention, you will push for more creative content that is clear, concise and contains only one message.

Slideshow Video

Slideshow videos are also easy to create, and they are becoming more and more popular. There is a number of online tools you can use to make these videos in a few minutes. The benefits of slideshow videos are huge – within 2 minutes you are able to tell a larger story about your brand or product. Furthermore, these videos are interesting to watch, because the scenery keeps changing, making the audience more hooked to the content. These 2-minute videos are highly effective. Especially if you showcase the main benefits of your product. So, try to make these a part of your video marketing campaigns.

360 Video

The popularity of 360 degree videos has largely increased in the past year, and even social media networks are adapting to it. With them, you can create a virtual tour of your offices, of the events you are attending, as well as increase your online engagement. This form of virtual reality (VR) video is extremely popular among the viewers. It is interactive, and it is providing the viewer with a unique experience. Since the technology is still developing, not many businesses are using the 360-degree videos. This is an amazing opportunity to stand out from your competitors by providing the audience with something they did not experience before. Add this type of video in your video marketing strategy.

 In Conclusion

These three types of videos are very popular for a reason – they work. They drive engagement, help raise sales, and create brand advocates. However, it is not enough that you create a video and post it on your Facebook page hoping it will get you somewhere. With so much content online, you need to promote your videos and get them in front of the right people at the right time.

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