Videos are the best advertising tool for today and for good reasons. They simultaneously attract the attention of the potential client, do not overload the perception, focus on the right things and stimulate the purchase. Is it worth making an online marketing video ad to run it on the most popular Internet platforms? Definitely, yes, if you want to maximize the popularity of your product or service.

Requirements for Video on Youtube and Facebook

Requirements for video advertising on YouTube and Facebook are similar to their basic requirements which many platforms now request. Any video that you upload to the site within the rules of the service can be advertised. It is forbidden to publish content containing:

  • Content that can be identified as potentially dangerous and induces dangerous actions of people with unstable minds. Materials calling for dangerous actions
  • Discriminatory materials or materials that somehow infringe on human rights
  • Naturalistic content that can shock the audience
  • Insulting or intimidating content
  • False metadata, spam or fraud
  • Content for which you do not have copyright

Other rules you can read on the pages of YouTube and Facebook but the main idea is clear – the video should cause people only positive emotions and do not contradict the basic ethical guidelines. In order to make the advertising video even catchy, corporate video film makers should adhere to the marketing approach, which we will discuss further.

What You Need to Create a Video

To make a professional video, you need a couple of corporate video production professionals. Do not think that you will learn how to shoot yourself after several video tutorials. The return of potential customers and the effectiveness of advertising directly depend on the quality of your advertising. So let’s see what we need to do in order to make a cool video.

Start with the idea. In order to implement a good project, you must first have an idea and plan. You can hire an advertising agency that will do everything for you, but if you do it yourself, then you will have to study marketing research. Learn about the main advertising trends that are currently used, see the videos of other companies from your niche and read the advice of marketers. Depending on the topic of your video, do not be afraid to apply bold and provocative solutions that will attract the attention of viewers (within the rules of service of course).

Of course, the video marketing agency will do it faster and, perhaps, better than you and your team, but if you are ready to take everything in your hands, this is not a problem.

How to Create a Video

To calculate the budget for a video, first of all, you will need to determine the required length of the video. The minimum recommended video length is 30 seconds. During this time, a person will have time to understand the basic idea of ​​your product and remember it. But it depends on the scope of your business. Some companies shoot 5-second videos and this is the optimal length of the video, for example, for sponsors of film screenings.

The second important point in creating a video is the first seconds. It is known that the first seconds of video can force the viewer to stop and watch the advertisement. On YouTube, for example, very high competition among high-quality commercials. Looking at the video, it’s easy to stumble upon an ad that will not leave you indifferent. So do not be afraid to go beyond and come up with something that will definitely catch your attention.

If the intro attracts attention, then the completion of the video should carry the main idea. A person should understand what product you have presented and make sure that he is worthy of attention. Do it so that he will remember the name of your brand.

And the basic rules of a successful commercial:

  1. A catchy plot
  2. A bright picture
  3. Quality content

Do not forget about such important details as shooting quality, correct sound, color solutions, memorable slogans and texts and other components of the commercial. All this is combined into one promotional product and creates a reputation and impression of your brand.

How to Promote a Video

The launch of advertising on YouTube and Facebook differs only in the formats of services. Let’s start with YouTube. Here there are several types of commercials: standard TrueView, In-Display, and In-Stream. On the service, there are special instructions that will help you determine the necessary type of advertising and will give some marketing recommendations on what should contain the video and how to set up targeting.

Next, configure the other options that an advertising campaign requires on the service: from the name of the ad to the targeting. To properly target, you may need specialist help. Also, select the budget for the day that you are willing to spend on advertising. From the budget depends on the frequency of your ad. Other instructions and
recommendations for launching can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube.

Creating an ad will require a little knowledge and participation of web video production specialists, as well as a certain budget. You should not do everything without preparation, because in a competitive environment like social networks it is difficult to profit from poor-quality content. Keep an eye out for other our articles and news to stay abreast of the latest developments in creating content for social networks.

At Digitallagos, we continue to offer all the essential information required for your success in the video marketing. Join us today and enjoy our useful materials!

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