The fact Infinix is taking over the African smartphone market is not new. How this is happening however, is a trending debate. The now leading smartphone brand in Africa has a strong mobility both within and beyond the continent. This strong Infinix mobility matches with a similar online presence and superior unique mobile tech abilities.

Astonishingly, the Infinix product range is nothing compared with its’ competitors. Unlike them it covers the market with just two smartphone series, these are: Infinix ZERO and, the Infinix HOT. Whereas the ZERO series offers higher-end mobile tech specs targeting the fast emerging African middle class, Infinix HOT devices have mid-level technology that targets students & entrepreneurs.

The narrow product range enables the manufacturers to focus their attention on research, innovation, and development of each of the smartphone series. The fastest mobile phone’s manufacturer is said to have sold at least 150,000 products of its latest mobile phone devices as at now, three years since the company’s inception into the market. So it seems the slim product range allows it proper selling.

Why do People like Infinix Mobility?

70% of the sales attribute to E-commerce. 30% sales are however attained through the conventional channels including offline retail agencies and stores. The Infinix HOT devices come with a number of pre-installed e-commerce applications such as, which are by the way increasingly gaining popularity within Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Access to content therefore is easier. Retail stores such as SLOT and YUDALA are also investing in the online space.

Infinix HOT 2 runs on the latest operating system in the market, Android Lollipop 5.1. This is an updated version of the Lollipop 5.0. Other than enhanced screen sensitivity, the Lollipop 5.1 O.S is great in fixing multiple bugs, improving stability, performance, and the battery life. It has some well-ordered little tricks and fancy animations that make it even more lively. With the O.S, Google made quick settings even better.

Other than the new Android Lollipop 5.1, key features of the popular Infinix HOT 2 smartphone series include: A 5.0” display color IPS LCD Screen, 720 x 1280 pixels (293ppi) display, 16GB, 1GB RAM internal memory, 32GB SD card support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, W-LAN, GPS, 8 MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, 1.3GHz quad-core Processor, a LED Flash, and a stylish sleek design and multi-colored cover.

Infinix Mobility Giving People a Great Time

As if these are not enough, the device will get an automatic and unrestricted update of Android Marshmallow 6.0 later this month. The state-of-the-art update to the Android operating system offers a number of features specifically designed to enhance the user experience, among them:

  • Simplified permissions and a greater control of the information applications can access, that is, not only at the installation stage but also at any other time when in use.
  • A silent feature for sound and vibrate modes as well as a “Do Not Disturb” mode to block all sounds or only alarms and notifications.
  • Doze Mode which shuts down background processing of certain apps when the phone is not in use, to significantly prolong battery life.

Other than offering products with cutting-edge technology applications, Infinix Mobility holds an interestingly simple but efficient marketing strategy. Theirs is based on two more aspects, that is; customer experience and online presence. The company recently developed its own User Interface.

While many manufacturers tend to provide pretty much the same user interfaces. Infinix Mobility however stands out. It delivers customized interface that suits most client needs. Their interface (UIX) focuses on offering products with a better design, faster screen sensitivity and enhanced energy efficiency.

While commenting on this, Bruno Li, the country Manager said that customer’s participation was the key. He said Infinix is not only selling devices, but including its fans to take part in building and improving its’ high-tech. “Young people are always connected and looking for what’s trending. It seems the demand is online,” he said adding that using the right marketing channel was the key to their success.

What’s more to know about Infinix Mobility?

As mentioned earlier, Infinix Mobility uses its’ strong online presence to reach out to its’ clients. According to Benjamin Jiang, the Infinix Mobility CEO, social media is extremely important to their consumers. And just show how, he recently opened up:, his Facebook page to the public. In not more than a month his profile gathered an emphatic 3000 fans.

Also commenting about their No. 1online smartphone brand status, Jiang said: “We talk to our fans as they are our close friends. Infinix fans are much more than users, they are our main concern. The most important thing for us is to understand what consumers need, to provide smartphones that fit their needs”.

Infinix Mobility also noted it is just about getting clients online. But in gaining their loyalty through offering better products, services, a better customer participation and experience. Loyalty of the fans cultivates through a BBS forum by the company. In it, users are welcome to share their suggestions about products through a loyalty program. Sometimes suggestions transfer to market facing product improvements.

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