In today’s digitally-driven society, there’s certainly no shortage of videos to watch when you want to pass the time, have a good laugh, or learn something new. Everyone from large corporations to mom and pop shops are using video, or video ad production, to market themselves. Even the guy who lives in his mom’s basement across the street and trains mice has his own YouTube channel. With so many marketers, entrepreneurs, and laymen using video as a meaningful tool for captivating audiences, it’s imperative to approach your marketing videos from a business standpoint if you want them to stand out amongst the sea of video content that’s available online. Today we’re going to share some tips for creating a buzz around making viral videos, and how to keep viewers talking about them for months.

Tips to Create Viral YouTube Videos

Shocking YouTube Facts

We weren’t joking when we said the guy from across the street was on YouTube. This popular video platform has over 1.3 billion users. In fact, on any given day an average of 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! If you think that’s shocking, think about the 5 billion videos that are viewed on this platform each day. That’s a whole lot of traffic, and an incredible amount of competition if you’re just entering into the video marketing space. The good news is that with 30 million visitors to this website each day, you’ve got a lot to work with in terms of creating videos that will hold value for your target audience.

Expert YouTube Advice

With so many people competing for views on YouTube, experts on the topic say it’s essential to approach your videos from a business standpoint. Here we have a video from an expert whose niche is specifically YouTube videos and channels. He walks viewers through defining the type of videos they want to create and share, and how to make them stand out.

Use an Elevator Pitch

Once you’ve narrowed down your video topic, based upon what your target audience will find value in, it’s essential to focus on the messaging of your video. The best strategy is to put together a 15-second elevator pitch for your company. Here’s some advice on how to put together a 15-second elevator pitch for your video from Forbes using a messaging map. This is an important step while you are trying to make viral videos.

Add Movement

Nothing captivates an audience more than the right choice of color, sound and movement. Movement is an excellent way to bring attention to your videos and make them unique. Here’s a great YouTube video we found that offers 4 simple tips for making your videos stand out with the use of movement in your opening shot. This is the first step in reeling viewers in, and holding their attentions.

Ensure Your Content is Buzzworthy

In addition to adding movement to your opening clip, you’ll want to incorporate content that’s buzzworthy. Some ideas for content topics that are buzzworthy include:

  • TrendsMotivational Content
  • How-To -or- Tutorial Videos
  • Parody Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Animated Content
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Complaints or Rants
  • Public Speeches or Lectures
  • Videos Responding to Popular, Recently Posted Videos in Your Niche

You now have the tools you need to plan a buzzworthy video that will keep your target audience talking for months. It may help to have a team of skilled web video production experts on your side. Have a team that knows the ins and outs of making a professional video. It is the key to ensure that your company develops an equally reputable web presence. A reputable video production company can produce a high-quality video that will highlight your brand, and showcase your content for your target audience.

If you’d like the assistance of a team that is capable of shooting in 1080p and 4K⸻using the industry’s standard with ultra-high definition video footage, we can help. We can help you in creating viral videos that will earn you name. For more information, contact today.

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