You have heard about the benefits of YouTube video marketing, but doubt whether you need to invest money and time in it? Perhaps you think direct sales are more effective as the result is easy to evaluate right away. But the corporate video production is a long-term investment, and if you want to develop your business and outrun competitors, YouTube video is your faithful assistant. Let’s understand why this way of promotion matters in our times.

1. YouTube Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

This is the first and most important argument. The fact is that almost every modern website has an inserted YouTube video. No wonder, because video can increase the conversion by 80%. Withal, 74% of customers make a purchase after watching the video. Of course, there are users who prefer text, but the human brain perceives and processes visual information much better. This eventually has a positive effect on the profitability of your venture, and here is why YouTube video content is developing so rapidly in recent years. Another reason: your customers are often guided by emotion when buying, not by logic. And using video, corporate video film makers can easily create the suitable atmosphere for a purchase decision-making.

2. YouTube Marketing Pays off the Investment

Many entrepreneurs are convinced that high-quality video ad production requires a lot of time, expensive technologies, and qualified specialists. But there is still no doubt that the result pays off this investment. Moreover, you can create incredibly popular YouTube video using a smartphone only. In many cases, the lack of production and more live shooting conditions can be an advantage of your result.

3. Effective YouTube Marketing Creates a Trusting Relationship

Whatever it was, YouTube promotion helps to bring you closer to the client, show your product or service in action, remove all customer’s fears, and create a sense of individual approach. 57% of users say video gives them more confidence. And trust, as we know, is the basis of sales. The whole concept of content marketing is built on trust and on the creation of long-term relationships.

4. Google Supports YouTube Marketing

Video increases the time visitors stay on your site, watch your product or service, etc. This, in turn, raises your source to the top of the Google search results. After all, Google “sees” that the user has found some useful information on your website and raises it higher. YouTube’s promotion opportunities are almost limitless in this regard. Try to use video wherever it is appropriate.

5. Videos are Promoted by Social Networks

YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world. Thus, any YouTube video has more likes, shares, and comments compared to text or photos. With simple tools, you can tell the world about your new video content. This means that if you publish a new video, users see your content much more often in the news feed.

6. YouTube Marketing Increases the Conversion

Video in an email increases the number of clicks by 96%. And just the word “video” in the subject of the email increases the open rate by 19%, transitions by 65% and reduces the percentage of unfollowing by 26%. And this is a great way to “revive” the base of email subscribers. More often than not, users are willing to watch the video voluntarily, and this is the main reason for increasing the conversion of advertising campaigns in business video production.


YouTube video marketing is one of the main vital tools of online promotion today. Social networks and search engines actively promote this type of content. YouTube video marketing has practically no shortcomings, and at the same time, it can boost your sales significantly. That’s why this kind of promotion really matters.

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