There are so many tech products in the market we can barely keep track of them. Some of them have pushed the boundaries so far that you won’t believe they exist. So here are top 5 unbelievable gadgets.

Top 5 Unbelievable Gadgets

Take a look.

SmartMat | Yoga Instructor

SmartMat is an effective yoga trainer built that voices for your yoga exercise. The intelligent pressure detection system inside the mat calculates your position and orientation on the SmartMat and passes those pressure points to evaluate the next step.

Naked | 3D Fitness Tracker

Naked may look like a mirror, but it’s a health status scanner and 3D fitness tracker. It evaluates your fitness level, by generating a 3D image of your body and measuring how your workout is affecting different areas of your body like your abs, arms, thighs and so on. It also features an integrated smartphone app so you can keep track of your progress including your measurements, fat percentage, and weight.

MyFox | Security Camera

There are many types of home security systems, however, a few of them specialized in childcare and MyFox is one of them. MyFox security camera has a built-in motion detector to inform you of any intruders. It can directly connect to your phone and show whether your children are being playful or naughty.

One X | Fitness Tracker

One X is an amazing gadget that helps you check the oxidative stress on your body by simply scanning your palm. Just place your palm in the scanner for 20 seconds and One X will acquire your bio-feedback, which you can then track over days, weeks, and months. See, when you are able to measure your anti-oxidant protection level, you can excel in daily work without feeling weary at the end.

Odin | Laser Projection Mouse

Odin is the world’s first laser projection mouse. It projects a touchpad and the two mouse buttons in a square space on any surface, when you move your fingers on the laser projection area, Odin intelligently transcribes those coordinates with the screen. Odin conveniently helps you operate much faster without putting a strain on your wrists.


This is all for today, tune in next time for more!


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