Digitallagos blogs welcome its readers to another week full of happening events. This week Digitallagos brings you the highlights of the Alcatel-Lucent Week that took place earlier this month in Lagos and Abuja. The event exhibited the importance of Networking Technologies and its scope in Nigeria. The main attention was on the fact that how could Ultra-Broadband benefit the nation?

The event was attended by a number of professionals from the ICT sector and the count nearly touched hundreds. These professionals included those who are involved in network design, strategic planning, new service implementation and network management groups working with big names like Airtel, MTN, NATCOM and NCC (Nigeria Communications Commission). With veterans from such reputed organizations attending the event, the attendees had a lot to learn and take with them.

The topics showcased included ultra-broadband that covered wireless and LTE, IP routing and transport facilities, Microwave and optics transmission. The agenda is in accordance with both the Nigeria ICT professionals and the Alcatel-Lucent. Subject matter experts can exchange their frank and valuable views about the upcoming technologies in the field of communication. They also discussed how the opportunities that are available in this field would bring a bright future to this ultra-connected world.

How Alcatel-Lucent Week Went?

Richard Edet, managing director of Alcatel-Lucent Nigeria feels that Nigeria is the fastest growing economy in Africa and has the base for the largest and the fastest-growing telecom industry in the continent. He said ‘telecom industry is getting involved day by day and is changing the face of this world with its immense potential’. He also added that the telecom sector can give a boost to other related sectors.

It can create a number of opportunities there. But for that, the country needs an amendment and improvement in its current infrastructure. ‘The existing infrastructure will need much greater capacity. In order to implement ultra-broadband connectivity. It could support end-to-end reachability between both urban and remote areas’, he said. This directly points to investment in technology areas like, mobile, cloud and big data analytics.

It will offer the right base for implementation of the IP networking technologies. His views about the event said ‘The Alcatel-Lucent week is an excellent occasion exchange, share and build up together. It is the next innovation framework that will help our customers. I look forward to the next coming up session.’

In a Nutshell

An ultra-connected society will power individuals to have fast and easy connections everywhere and all the time. This will bring along a rich experience. Whether we talk about a video call, a web browser session, instant messaging or video buffering. Banking, health-care, education and many more sectors will be affected in a great fashion. It is through the implementation of ultra-broadband services thus leading to an interconnected world. All this is indispensable for Nigeria’s progress. Moreover, in a growing country like Nigeria, such advancements can bring about a better quality of living.


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