It’s a myth that modern society has stopped reading. No, we continue to do self-education to reach the same heights as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Well, perhaps we are exaggerating, but still, the fact remains – we are still reading. Another thing is that the text around us has become too much. Advertising signs are full of slogans, offers, and promises. It’s tiring. People are tired of everything that makes them think again. People need entertainment. What informs us and entertains at the same time? That’s right, it’s video and you should use video in advertising.

No, no, we will not stop using the text at all. But now we will use the text as an addition to the web video production, and not vice versa. Dynamic and interactive advertising gained such speed that people no longer want to perceive other types of advertising. Let’s look at why the text is bad as a marketing tool.

1. Impossibility to Show General Information Quickly

We are talking about the fact that the text makes it long and continuous to read it, so to get to the essence and the sentence, we should spend a lot of resources. That’s why we no longer use ads in newspapers – it’s long and inaccessible. Do not force your client to make their own way to your product or service – provide it so that the client himself will follow you.

What to do? Use online video marketing with the minimal amount of text and lots of visualization. Do not come up with complex stories. Make it as simple as possible and shorter.

2. Emotion and Brand Sentiment

The main problem with the text is the inability to see emotions. You can describe your mood in a whole book of 300 pages, but the reader will not be able to accurately reproduce this as well as you have in mind. Similarly, you can not only explain the text to the client, rather than your product better than others. But you can show him because aesthetics is one of the best weapons of corporate video production of our time.

What to do? Create a unique and beautiful product and show it as often as you can. Even if your product can be shown in the photo, use the brightest and most dynamic videos using your product.

3. Lack of Dynamics and Movement

Why do cartoons attract children more than books with the same vivid pictures? Because cartoons have movement. It is obvious. But how much do adults differ from children? Is that only because they can buy the product that you are advertising. The movement attracts the gaze of any person, whatever that is. The text, obviously, is deprived of this advantage and many enter into anguish.

What to do? Take the search for an excellent video editor and shoot bright and dynamic videos that will attract the attention of adults.

4. Limited Audience

Okay, we exaggerated when they said that all people read. No, if to conduct a marketing research, you will see that not everyone likes to read. However, absolutely everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube or Facebook. Admit, you also love. Not everyone will pay attention to the text ad, but everyone will pay attention to the dynamic video.

What to do? Corporate video film makers suggest to distribute the video in those places that have a broad audience and target. For today, this is the best way to get real customers.

5. Dissemination

A situation similar to an audience – places for textual placements are not as popular as places for video advertising. Even if you post a video on the website of a printed publishing house, you will still be forced to attach a video. That’s why it’s best not to waste your time on newspapers, magazines and text blogs if you have a limited marketing budget and you intend to spend it effectively.

What to do? If to conduct a marketing research of the video industry, you will see that each video marketing agency tries to choose popular sites for placing video advertising and do not be afraid of competition – you are sure to find your client there.

These 5 simple and obvious reasons show that you should not waste time on ineffective and irrelevant ways of advertising in our time. Video marketing is the best advertisement today and it should not be neglected.

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