So far, by simply posting content, you could attract a huge amount of new subscribers. But now the competition is so high and every new lead gets hard. Yes, online marketing is difficult today. And you may think the effectiveness of social media promotion has remained in the past. Do not hurry! Here is a list of top 5 social media marketing mistakes to avoid, and you will be convinced social media is one of the main ways to attract new buyers.

Mistake #1. You Do Not Target Your Buyer

If your goal is to attract real customers, publish content that is interesting to your audience. Identify the needs and interests of your buyers to gain a foothold in the role of authority in your niche. It does not have to be a deep and detailed analysis but simply a starting point for understanding your place among competitors and leads.

Mistake #2. You Focus on Sales

Do you think that the more advertising posts, the higher the sales level? This is one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes. If you are set for a long-term stay in social media, use the “golden ratio” 30/60/10. This means that 30% of what you publish should be your own original content, 60% are posts from other sources, and only 10% are advertising posts. Of course, this is not a tight schedule and the number of posts can vary.

Mistake #3. You Lack the Consistency

Remember, marketing in social networks is a daily job. If you want to see the results, keep your hand on the pulse and publish the content regularly. Stick to the dynamics of publications. The content plan will help you to avoid posting mistakes in social media marketing.

social media marketing mistakes

Mistake #4: You Publish the Posts at the Wrong Time

Social media posts do not last long. Yes, thanks to the new ranking of the news feed, if your content is interesting to subscribers, users will see it even 5 days after the publication. Think it’s easy? Maybe. Social networks take into account the dynamics of likes and comments. This means that if more people like your post in the first hours after the publication, it will be better to move forward.

Mistake #5. You Do Not Attract Your Audience

Remember: social media is primarily a place where people come to talk. And commenting is the most working and free way to promote your community. So ask questions at the end of the post. Answer the comments. Yes, it takes time. But it is bearing fruit. Communication makes you closer to subscribers who are more likely to turn into your customers in the future.


As you can see, social media promotion requires an extremely responsible approach. You need to create a portrait of your target audience, use the golden rule to publish content, create a detailed content plan, publish your posts at the right time, and communicate with your audience. If you do everything right and do not make common social media marketing mistakes, the result will not be long in coming and you will soon feel all the delights of digital marketing.

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