PlanVideo is an excellent platform to engage your target audience and build interest in your business to help you grow your brand. This is because people tend to respond better to visual media than text media; so it’s simply a better investment to include video content in your marketing campaign. You can convey many different messages through this format and reach a wide array of audiences. Here are some tips for using this format in your online marketing campaign and personalized video marketing that you should know.

How Personalized Video Marketing helps your Business Grow?

#1 Use Video Ads

Video ads are among the most powerful online ad format for generating user engagement because they’re very flexible and versatile. Your video ads can be humorous, informative, cryptic and mysterious, or carry a social message. It’s a very personal way to connect with your audience and will lead to higher click rates and conversions. You just need to plan the ad carefully and make sure the ads appeal to your audience. You should optimize them for keywords because a poor plan and filmy ads are just a waste of money.

#2 Use Video Content 

Your online marketing campaign needs to be versatile and draw audiences from different sources. While ads will draw in paid traffic, video content like tutorials, product introductions, and how-to pieces, etc., will draw organic traffic to your website. Such content will also help you establish your reputation in the industry and improve brand visibility. Plan, research, and organize the content well with information; because poor quality content will just have a negative impact on your reputation.

#3 Research Your Target Audience

Before you start making ads and video content, you need to research your industry, competition, products, and target audiences thoroughly so that you can find the right keywords to use in your videos. The content in your video marketing campaign should tick all the boxes and connect with audiences that are interested in your products and services, and will convert if the content is convincing enough. This is easier said than done because audiences get to see the content every second of the day. A half-hearted attempt won’t impress them. When you understand your target audience well, you can plan your campaign accordingly. You also choose when and how to expose your content to them.

#4 Keep it Simple

People are very busy and they don’t really have time to watch lengthy videos and ads. You need to create meaningful video pieces that are short, concise, and informative. For ads, you’ll need to keep the video within 60 minutes. For tutorials, try not to go beyond 20 to 30 minutes. The idea is to provide the maximum amount of information in the shortest amount of time without rushing through things.

#5 Always Assess the Performance

You can’t improve the quality of your online marketing campaign and video content. You will have to assess how your current campaign performs to do it. It’s vital to keep track of how your videos are received, if they’re shared on social media platforms, or if people have responded negatively to them. You also need to track which video ads and content lead to website visits and conversions.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to develop a solid online marketing campaign. And that too with high-quality video content.

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