Freelancing is currently a $300 billion dollar global industry, with everyone focusing and striving toward ‘work-life-balance’ and ‘a lifestyle-choice’ freelance career option is becoming more appealing. However, this radical change is only possible because of the growth of internet penetration at an exponential rate and with that, providing ocean of opportunities in freelancing in Nigeria.

African countries have lately seen massive outbreak in the field of internet and telecommunication. Statistics reveal that the progress is most significant in Nigeria, with more than 2/3 of the population having access to the internet connection. The number of internet users in the country have significantly increased from 1,749,138 to 67,101,452 in last 10 years. According to research the internet usage between year 2009-2013 has experienced a phenomenal growth of 102% in Nigeria. Having said that, majority of Nigerians are still unaware of the freelancing opportunities internet can provide as a source of earning income.

Benefits of Freelancing in Nigeria

The available jobs within the country are simply not enough to meet the growing number of unemployed in Nigeria. The unemployment among the Nigerian youth has reached an alarming rate. According to Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the unemployment stood at 6.4% in the year 2014 and had increased to 7.5% for the first three months of 2015. Every year 6 million Nigerians graduate of which only 10% are often employed, this is a shocking revelation. As they rightly say; “the devil finds work for the idle hands” leading to issues such as high crime rates.

Entrepreneurship is major drive of economic growth and development. This is where the concept of “Self-Employment” or “Freelancing” becomes imperative, not only for the individual but on the economy as a whole. Today, freelancers are working online more than ever before and many even earn 100% of their income online. It is mind-boggling to see how over 35% of the U.S. workforce is working as freelancers; in fast rising developing economies like India, freelancing is becoming increasingly relevant. Country like Nigeria too must take advantage of self-employment, considering its rate of unemployment.

How to Start Freelancing in Nigeria?

One of the most effective ways to start freelancing in Nigeria is by starting a service based on the skill one possesses. If you have the skills, digital world has the plethora of opportunities for you to explore. You can be a writer, web developer, designer, HR professional, teacher, translator or even a photographer. For example, there are sectors like Agriculture which is a big boon in Nigeria. You can write a blog on crop farming, poultry farming or even fish and snail farming and promote your services online.

There are also many freelancing websites such as,, and one can register in. It is a great tool to showcase the talent and gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. It earns income way above average and above all be your own boss. Not only that, it will also help tackle issues such as unemployment, social unrest, mass migration or brain drain, and help reduce the frustrated youth. You can earn your income as freelancer from Nigerian sources as well as international sources.


Nigeria is at the threshold of opportunities; making the right move in the right direction will plummet Nigeria and the Nigerians into the realm of endless possibilities. There is a steady need to encourage the concept of freelancing. It will not only curtail unemployment. But will contribute in earning income to live a good life thereby contributing to socio-economic development. As the economy grows and stabilizes, the social tensions associated with unemployment will gradually suppress. Thus, increasing the need for more freelancers. It is about time we realise how freelancing in Nigeria can help. It has so much of potential to bring about a positive change in Nigeria.

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