Just because you have a small staff doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your content marketing goals! In fact, sometimes having a small group can really be a good thing.
Members of a small business team are often called on to “wear many hats” or fill more than one position within the business. This is especially true of small business owners, who are most likely to be covering a wide variety of tasks. Don’t let this slow you down, or prevent your business from realizing its content marketing goals! It is possible to develop a strategy that increases your traffic, leads, and profits without requiring a huge commitment of resources.


Small to medium businesses can have a big advantage over larger companies when it comes to content marketing, because a smaller business can change direction much more easily than a large one can. There is much less of a line of legal hurdles and red tape to work through when it’s just you and a few employees!

If your new campaign doesn’t seem to be working out, you can brainstorm, strategize, and make changes in real-time (especially when it comes to social media), whereas a larger business might take days, or even weeks to change and respond to a situation. Yes, you’ll need to plan more carefully than a larger organization might, but this can also be a benefit to your business because you’re able to keep a close eye on your expenses, how your resources are used, and what works versus what never quite succeeds.


Email marketing, blogging, and production of long-form content such as ebooks are all ways that small businesses can engage in content marketing without breaking their budgets. Regardless of the size of your team, it is possible to create informative, engaging, and memorable content!

  • Email Marketing – Newsletters, Sales letters, and other one-time or periodical email types can be a great way for your small business to stay in touch with its customers without seeming pushy or obnoxious. There are a number of very affordable services available that can help your business manage its email lists, organize and monitor campaigns, and analyze the resulting data. It’s easier than ever to provide your customers with coupons, promotional information, special exclusive updates, and so much more!
  • Blogging – Anyone can start a blog, it can take less than 15 minutes from start to finish depending on your web hosting provider. It’s maintaining a blog that can be difficult! You might think that your small business team can’t handle any additional responsibilities at the moment, but there are ways to ensure that running a successful blog doesn’t overwhelm any individual team member. One team member can track trending topics, another can create the titles and outlines, and another can write the content – of course this is only an example, and your process can vary based on the size of your team.
  • Ebooks – Whitepapers, How-to Guides, and other long-form content are excellent incentives that many businesses both large and small use to build their email lists and encourage interaction between consumers and their brands. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of free information and advice? The best thing about these types of content is that they need not be created “from scratch” and instead can be inspired by or made up of repurposed content from your blog, newsletters, and so on.

The brilliant part of content marketing is that it is a very fluid thing, and can easily be adapted to work for your business, regardless of the size of your team. Simply take a good look at the needs of your business, the size of your team, and the skills each member can bring to the group. This will tell you everything that you need to know to create a content marketing strategy that not only helps your business grow, but also thrive.

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