We in digitallagos have never met any business owner who does not want to know some brilliant (and simple) secret of online sales. They pack sales techniques books, articles, advice, visit master classes, conferences… But sales secrets for small business lie in front of their noses without any benefit. Yes, and you, most likely, know these sales techniques and strategies as well… but do not use them. Want to fix it? Let’s go!

Secret #1. Write Warm Emails

Your first contact with a potential customer should not be cold. We are convinced that before you sell something, you need to warm up the relationship with a potential buyer. Buy from a friend is easier than from an absolutely third-party seller who calls you unexpectedly and often at the wrong time.

Get acquainted with your potential customer before you make the first call. Use warm email marketing to build a more personal relationship with every potential customer.

Secret #2. Become a Leader in Your Niche

To succeed in online sales, you need a NAME in your digital marketing strategy. By recommending yourself as an expert and a leader in your niche, you will gain the trust of potential clients even before the first time you communicate with them. This gives a huge advantage and increases your chances of success in online marketing.

Let us dwell on a couple of points:

  • Demonstrate your usefulness to the client;
  • Build a powerful brand using social media marketing;
  • Gather social evidence (reviews, cases, publications in the media…)

Secret #3. Provide a Reliable Support

If you want the sales to go well, you should do more than just sell.

Become a client for your clients, so they will go to you with their questions even after the sale closes. Change your status in their eyes from the ordinary seller to the provider of solutions to their problems. If you become a reliable source of help for your clients, they will repeatedly thank you in return.

Secret #4. Use Sales Scripts… Wisely

Scripts are perhaps the most controversial thing in the world of sales. The script conversation kills the sale. When the seller says the learned text, it’s instantly audible. But! Talking to a client without preparation is no less a terrible crime against sales closing techniques.

sales secrets

So one of our next sales secrets to success is to prepare a script for the conversation. However, this should not be a hard script, but rather a cheat sheet. These sales secrets and negotiation skills move will help:

  • not to lose the thread of conversation;
  • do not forget about the key points;
  • work out the client’s main objections.

Secret #5. Do Not Sell At All

Surprised? Let us explain. Imagine that you got a potential client. Just 1 step prevents you from the sale. You are already looking forward to a successfully closed deal, but… the client is not ready, wants to think, he does not have money, and so on and on…

Getting a lead is not yet a success. You need to work hard to convert it into a client. Concentrate not on the desire to sell but on building relationships.


Already knew all of these strategies? Maybe you did not read about online sales secrets but intuitively felt that this or that way is right. Now you can safely implement this sales techniques list. We are sure the results will convince you even more!

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