Video marketing has taken front and center stage when it comes to important brand materials. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have followed suit in making their sites more suitable for video interactions. There are more tools, resources, and possibilities for video marketing now than ever before. You must know about the essential video elements to make your video popular. People are accessing online video from desktops, mobile devices, and even their television consoles.  Research has shown that over three-quarters of all online web traffic is online video content.

With the way video marketing is advancing in the market, users need to be mindful of how they stand out and engage their audience from the very beginning. This increases overall audience engagement and also the likelihood of those viewers also sharing the video and coming back again for more information. As any branding venture, it is important to make sure you have a consistent brand message across every aspect of your video marketing content. Here are essential video elements to create content that will keep people talking about your video for months.

Essential Video Elements that make your Video Popular

  1. Nail Your Two Sentence Elevator Pitch.

    The first impression is made right at the beginning of your video. Write and re-write your opening elevator pitch until it is clear and concise. You want your audience to know who you are, what you are talking about, and why it is important within the first 30 seconds of your video. It should be brand reflective, but engaging enough to capture your purpose, problem, and solution quickly and effectively. The Entrepreneur has a great video series of quick elevator pitches to give you some inspiration.

  2. Make Sure Your Music is a Complement, Not a Distraction.

    The music you choose for your video can make or break the video. Make sure you carefully select music that enhances the mood and vibe of your video message. You also do not want to select music that distracts or takes away from the key points of the video.

  3. Animations & Transitions.

    It’s important to keep your audience engaged and entertained, especially if you want your video to have strong replay value. Make sure you use visual transitions consistent with your brand that can act as bookmarks for different topics or points within your video’s message. You can also provide an outline or timeline in the text accompanying your video to help the viewers keep track or break it up. You also don’t want any overly distracting animations, unless they directly correlate with your brand or brand message.

  4. Fonts, Texts, and Scripts.

    Ask any branding expert what are the most important brand elements, and they will likely tell you your text fonts and the scripts for what you say. You want to make the visual and oral messages line up and make sense. Take time to script out your video, even if you don’t plan to follow the script exactly. Practice your script over and over again to prevent multiple takes when filming. Also, make sure that the texts you use match the script and the font is legible and brand reflective.

  5. Keep It Short and Sweet.

    The most important takeaways from the list of things that make a video marketing effective are that it be delivered in a way that is short and memorable. This is also an essential video elements that you better don’t overlook. Some social platforms have time limitations for video content making it imperative that your message and delivery be effective in one under one minute or sometimes less. Write out your pitch, scripts, and other textual elements and make sure they fall within a realistic timeframe.

In a Nutshell

Before video marketing, make sure that the video content is well branded and authentic. Your video must contain essential video elements. Viewers are seeking engaging and authentic content that resonates with them and makes a lasting impression. If you can deliver a memorable and entertaining message swiftly and efficiently, your viewers should be able to recall and/or repeat what they learned from your video. Keep producing video content until you’ve perfected a way that works for you or your brand.

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