Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular platform for online video marketing. It improves new opportunities for contact with the audience and web video production. One of the most obscure functions is Facebook Live. This is unclear because many of us still have not learned how to make quality live. Let’s find out here some useful video marketing tips.

Tips To Make a Great Live

#1. Choose a platform and frame format

Today, the Facebook Live app is available for users on both iOS and Android; it is possible to use a horizontal or vertical frame for owners of iPhones. So you have to decide which smartphone is most convenient for you and whether your viewer needs a 16:9 picture.

#2. Do not forget to change the perspective

Your viewers are likely to be bored only watching you during the broadcast so do not forget to change the picture in the frame, show your guests, the environment, other people. Switch between the front and main cameras on your smartphone.

#3. Follow the comments and manners of the statement

One of the best components of live streaming is the ability to ask questions and comment on what’s happening in the live file. But do not forget that you can not delete comments after the broadcast is over – but to answer and continue the discussion as soon as the live broadcast is complete.

#4. Try not to lose connection to the wireless network

In order for your network to withstand the load of the video broadcast, and the picture is not interrupted continuously, a stable signal with a speed of at least 3 Mbps is required. Even if the connection “fell”, do not panic: Facebook Live will pause and resume the broadcast as soon as you can restore the connection. Even in bad circumstances, when an Internet or WiFi signal disappears. The already existing part of the broadcast will be automatically saved on your Facebook page.

What to Do During the Broadcast

Now that you know where to start, it’s time to move on to specific actions for Video Marketing Tips .

#5. Make a good description of the broadcast. It seems obvious, but not all can make an interesting and concise description of what is happening in the scene. Do not forget to specify who/which publication or project will organize an event. Do not forget about the opportunity to add or edit the information to complete the broadcast by clicking on «Edit this Video».

#6. Do not forget about PR. Teasers and announcements of your upcoming Facebook broadcast will bring a larger potential audience and provide you with an increase in the number of views.

#7. Choose the best time to broadcast based on your target audience. Maybe it is morning or late evening? There is no definite answer for all “lives”; with a different audience, it is necessary to experiment in a unique way.

Corporate video filmmakers often advice to study statistics page using Facebook Insights:

So you can choose when you reach a maximum audience of the readers/viewers live broadcast. Of course, if the organization of the broadcast event does not depend on you, you will not be able to adjust the time. In this case, do not forget to repost the video to the most popular time among your readers or contact with a local video marketing agency to get help with it.

#8. Remember how best to distribute content and that you are casting. The most popular evening events with one speaker in the frame, but the daily broadcast format best suited for the answers and questions. The longer the broadcast, the greater the likelihood that a large number of your readers will join the live. But do not overlook the viewer and do not make direct inclusion too long.

#9. Do not start the broadcast without a preliminary plan. As strange as it may sound, it’s good to have a handy overview of what and why you are going to talk and show. This will make the conversation in a frame more natural, orderly and logical for the viewers (especially, if it’s an interview live).

#10. Do not be afraid to contact the audience personally, maintain a dialogue. During the broadcast, you should not only read comments and questions, welcome new members and commentators. Also engage the most active ones who ask you questions, chat or comment on the video broadcast. The natural tone of communication, openness, understanding with different points of view and the ability to react constructively. Responses are an important component of good video broadcasting.

#11. Spend a bit of money on the equipment. If the video is constantly “shaking” and not too high-quality, it’s unlikely someone will enjoy it (especially if you show live excursion or broadcast a concert or other live event). You can use an improvised stand (books on a table or coffee cup), but you can buy a tripod for your phone (to put it on the table). Do not shoot “hands-on” because it’s so difficult to achieve a stable picture.

#12. Take care of lighting. If the shooting is outdoors, make sure that the sun does not blind you and did not fall into the frame, contributing to the “fading” of the picture. If indoors, make sure that the light source glows you well in the frame or your guests or the events you are shooting.

Therefore, you can use Facebook Live to attract and interact with the audience. To date, this is one of the best corporate video production strategy. Follow these rules & Video Marketing Tips to make the best use of the platform!

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