The Holiday season is upon us, and it truly is the most special time of the year – both for marketers and consumers. It is an amazing opportunity to market your business. However, since the holiday marketing is flooded with content, you need to start thinking more creatively and find a way to stand out from the crowd. If you execute your holiday marketing strategy correctly, the personal relationship you have with your customers will flourish. You will evoke light-hearted emotions, and in the end – drive more sales to your company. If you still do not have any ideas for your holiday video, keep reading – we have prepared 5 ideas for holiday video marketing, with examples, so you will surely be inspired.

#1 Holiday Promotion

As with any campaign, the goal of the holiday campaign is to drive more sales. Since you are already organizing major sales at the end of the year, why not announce them in a video? It is a great opportunity to show your products and discounts.

Everyone will be chasing the best deals, and shopping for gifts. With video, you can leave a memorable impression and make sure the customers are coming to you.

#2 Christmas Card

Sending a Christmas card to your customers during the holiday season is a must. But why not spice it up this year, and send a video Christmas card instead?

The goal is to maintain the relationship you have with your customers, thank them for doing business with you, and showcase your caring attitude. Besides sending this video in your holiday email, you can share it on your website and social media channels.

#3 A Year in Review

The holiday season is a great time to take a look back at your year and see what you accomplished. It is a great opportunity to showcase your highlights, results, milestones, company news and awards from 2018. Additionally, you can mention your top products and spark interest in them.

A year in review videos are typically emotional. They allow the customers to become a part of your world, making them feel more connected to your company.

#4 Fun footage from the office

Take videos of your team’s preparations for the holiday season, and give the audience a behind-the-scenes sneak peek. You can film the packing of the holiday orders, or you could create a brief video of your team while decorating the offices. Additionally, you can follow the example below and have the team lip sync to some of the most iconic Christmas songs.

The important thing is that your team has fun while shooting and that you can showcase your brand’s playful personality.

#5 Generosity video

Holidays are the time of giving, sharing and caring. If your company is involved with a charitable organization or a charitable holiday event, you should show that story in a video. Be careful not to make this video about you – you should be focused on people you are helping and drive viewers to do the same.

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