Gamification videos are a form of interactive videos through which the audience interacts with the video creators directly. Although it is not a new concept, brands seem to be catching up with it just now. Online platforms, such as Facebook, are updating their features to allow video makers to produce more interactive videos. You can start making interactive videos by adding various polls, quizzes, and challenges in your Facebook videos. This way, the audience can participate in content creation, which makes them feel valued and boost online video engagement.

Is Audience Really Aware of Gamification?

Hubspot recently conducted research to establish the audience’s awareness level when it comes to interactive videos. What they found out is that most people are not aware of game shows that are available on Facebook Watch, or the HQ Trivia game. Additionally, more than 50% of people believe they have never watched interactive or gamified videos. Which is actually great news!

Since the audience still sees interactive videos as a novelty, you have space to amaze them with the features interactive video is offering. Once they experience something new, they will surely create a buzz among their friends about that experience, and your videos will be seen by more people who could become your lifelong customers.

Where Else Can You Use Gamification in Videos?

Gamified videos are not only reserved for social media and for your potential customers. They can be used internally, in corporate training. Business owners can take notes from video games, and create more interactive training which will keep the employees engaged.

By using different e-learning platforms, you can create training videos that contain questions, attachments, and that allows the employees to ask questions over the course of the video. This way, the viewer pays more attention to the video and is more likely to actually learn and memorize the materials.

Adding a video game concept to your new training will have employees compete to achieve better results. You could add quizzes, levels, points, and various badges and certificates to award them to the trainees who have achieved the best results during the training.

Does Gamification in Videos Really Boost Engagement?

In the same research we mentioned above, the researchers asked 4000 respondents if they found gamified videos more engaging. While the majority vote (35.77%) went to ‘I’m not sure’ (due to unawareness), 28.55% of respondents stated that they find gamified videos more engaging. The lack of awareness is stopping gamified videos from reaching their full potential when it comes to engagement.

However, this year, we were able to witness that gamification really boosts engagement thanks to the HQ Trivia gameshow. Essentially, this app connects live video with a game show. The users tune it at a certain time to answer trivia questions and win prizes. Additionally, the app has a live chat option and users from all over the world keep commenting and chatting with each other, as well as with the game show hosts. On average, 300,000 people play the game each day, and the majority is commenting during brakes.

In Conclusion

Video games are captivating for a reason, and marketers and business owners have a lot to learn from them. Gamification helps boost online video engagement, it builds interest and captivates the audience’s attention. However, it is still an unexplored field for most businesses, and it is the perfect time for you to add it to your marketing strategy.

If you are interested in learning more about how gamification in videos can help your business, get in touch with our team.

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