There is tons of variety out there in the market when it comes to smartphone casings. You will find shiny ones, artistic ones with monstrous and scenic engravings, and so many other mainly focused on the design. However, the ‘smart’ smartphone casings do more just than show off. They serve an extra purpose and make themselves more useful while you are on the move. So here are top 3 smart casings for your cell phone. Let the countdown begin!

Best Smart Casings for Your Smartphone

  1. Flitchio Gaming Case

Here is a cup of tea for the gamers. Flitchio is an incredible gaming smartphone casing that upgrades your mobile gaming experience with physical buttons and joysticks. It includes two joysticks on the back and two shoulder buttons on the side for horizontal games. The advantage is that not only you enjoy a complete view of your phone’s screen (without interruption of fingers) but also get a measurable feedback from the physical buttons.

The gamepad-cum-casing stands out because it is pressure sensitive like iPhone’s 3D touch and connects wirelessly via NFC. The technology is completely open source and dozens of games have already been distributed for the platform.

  1. Nexpac Modular Smartphone Case

Nexpac… we really like. It is a modular smartphone case that we would love to put on the top of this list, but rest assure the number one won’t disappoint you. As for Nexpac, it allows you a world of possibilities including adding modules like camera, laser, hotkeys, air quality detector, amplified speaker, extra battery, thermometer, USB flashlight, 32GB storage, SD card reader, and even a breathalyzer as well. It is currently available for Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6.

The best thing is you can change modules with friends and family and put on the only ones that you really need at a time. So you can make different module combinations for your holiday trip or office work. Even if you change the phone, you will only need to change the Nexpac case, all the modules are universal and transferable across all the Nexpac modular smartphone casings. No doubt, it is a complete upgrade package for your favorite smartphones.

  1. Alien Skin Protective Smartphone Case

This is our top pick because we haven’t seen anything quite like this. Alien Skin is the ultimate guardian of your smartphone and protects it from all sorts of environmental stresses. The cell phone casing is shockproof, shatterproof, water resistant, anti-bacterial, and even repels stains as ignorable as fingerprints. All that awesomeness without putting on more than few grams on the mobile phone and with a transparent covering that you can barely notice.

The more you learn about amazing features of this smart casing, the more you wish you could get one for yourself too. It is also able to repair itself, blocks 95% of the sunlight from reaching the body inside, and offers all-around protection (full body cover). You can wrap it on just as easily as you can remove it. Last but not the least, it comes with Lifetime guarantee! The only setback is that it is for iPhones exclusively.

There you go, the top 3 smart cases for your smartphone. We will put out some more interesting gadgets, accessories, and collection so don’t forget to tune back in soon.

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