Visual content has gained dramatic popularity over the past few years. Videos, photos, and infographics have become essential components of a results-driven digital marketing strategy. Visual assets are at the core of how progressive brands communicate their story and market their products and services. Today’s tech-savvy consumers have a very short attention span and can barely absorb text-heavy and lifeless content. Online consumers now prefer visually appealing and interactive content over the old content type. It is no exaggeration to say that a picture can tell your story more effectively than a 1000-words long text.

Leading online marketers and businesses put heavy emphasis on visuals in the online space. In fact, the use of visuals is a proven way to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. As per Thomson Reuters, marketers who give due emphasis to visual content in their marketing strategies reap the reward in forms of more fans, followers, readers, leads, clients and, of course, revenue. So why are visuals so effective? Because we are visual beings and it is super easy for us to digest complex information when it’s presented in a visually appealing manner.

Tips to Nurture your Digital Marketing Strategy

Tips to Nurture your Digital Marketing Strategy

What follows are some of the ways you can utilize visual content to help nurture your digital marketing and lead funnel.

Visuals Increase Website Engagement

Visual communication has totally reshaped marketing or the way marketers and businesses interact with their audience. With the constantly evolving means of communication, consumers expect a visually appealing web experience. Have you ever analyzed the quality of your website from the standpoint of visual aesthetics? A strategic use of visuals on a site is essential to attract and retain visitors. It has been observed that content which is rich in visual elements receives more engagement and likes than content that lacks those elements. It is an important digital marketing strategy tip.

Bring your Blog to Life

Blog posts are one of the most important ways of educating and attracting audiences through content. However, your blog posts should present complicated information in an understandable and persuasive way. According to an observation by Webdam, blog posts which include images generate 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. Visual content not only helps your reader understand your message quickly but also retain it for a long period of time.

Create an Emotional Connection

When you connect with your audience on the emotional level, it leaves a long-lasting impression. The right use of infographics, images, and other visual elements will drive your readers to share your content. Moreover, aligning your visual elements with the needs of your audience can bring about dramatic results and boost the overall effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

Optimize your Visual Content for Search Engines

Search engines do consider images, videos, presentations, etc. while calculating the position of a site in SERPs. According to Search Engine Land, “It’s true that when we think of content as part of our SEO plan, our brains often go right to text; but other forms of visual content — video and imagery — are the key to being found in more places for more queries more of the time.”

Therefore, optimize your carefully chosen visual elements for search engines. By doing so, you not only engage your audience but also help your website gain brownie points from the search engines. This is an important part of digital marketing strategy.

Use a Variety of Visual Content

According to an observation, 40% of people respond better to an image than 1,000 words. However, you still have to be very clear about what kinds of content resonate best with your audience. Once you are, you can put each of the visuals you deem fit for your online promotion to the test and figure out their usability based on the response they receive.


In every case, make sure that your visual content is engaging as well as relevant for the end-users. The secret is to create content that your prospect would find interesting and helpful enough to make their decision process easier. All the above techniques are crucial when it comes to leveraging your digital marketing strategy with rich-media content.

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