Microsoft Xbox One S has finally been delivered, but does it really delivers the promise compared to PS4? Today we are going to review the changes that come with Microsoft’s latest console and whether you should upgrade to it or not.

Xbox One S Design

The most significant upgrade is that the One S is 40% smaller. This makes a huge difference to space-conscious people who like a neat arrangement of their personal space. Secondly, it is white: the controller, the console, and all of it. Now you also don’t have to deal with the big black box that served as a power source in Xbox One, because the latest console has dropped it completely with a sleeker new cable minus the adaptor. Included vertical stand also adds to its awesomeness.

Hardware and Specs. 

Slightly powerful GPU, but in practice, it would be tough to spot the difference during the gameplay. So the hardware isn’t really a huge leap here. It comes with different storage varieties, but with its easy plugin & play, you can also use your old hard drive. Not surprisingly, it does not natively support Kinect. To use it, you have to buy the AC powered USB adaptor, which is quite of a junk of wires and will cost you $40 if you don’t already have it from Xbox One.

Gaming ExperienceXbox One S review gaming experience

It is fair to say that your gaming experience will remain unchanged apart from the revitalized feeling of the new Xbox One S controller. Yes, it supports 4K gaming, but here is the catch: 4K games aren’t here yet and one or two titles may appear towards the end of 2016. And if you can wait this long that you should buy it. But your opinion might change by the time you have read our verdict.

New Controller

Xbox One S review controller

Blue tooth support for easier pairing with PCs, phones, and tablets at a much greater range. Controller also has a headphone jack if you won’t want your neighbors to complain about the ‘noises’ in your room.

Video Experience

Xbox One S offers HDR 10, which is the new standard of high-quality videos that make dark colors appear dark and bright color much more bright, which really makes the videos stand out. Again, the problem is that you need to have a 4K capable TV to use HDR 10 standard, which is a new high even for the most recent and slimmest TVs. Other than that, the 4K Blu-Ray is discs are also supported and if you have a serious bandwidth, enjoy 4K on Netflix.

Graphic User Interface

A more dynamic users interface (UI) for quick access to games and videos. However initially setting it up takes time. Cortana has also been integrated and performs functions much flawlessly through the voice commands. All in all, the new interface has is of the best things about the One S compared to Xbox One.

Xbox One S review kinect

Final Verdict

With so much going on and bits of improvement, lesser space, an upgrade is not recommended because the difference is not really worth it. Microsoft has already announced Project Scorpio, which is a 2017 presentation that is being dubbed as “the most powerful gaming console ever!” Since we are already halfway through 2016, a little more patience can get you a much bigger deal. So save that money.

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