Google I/O had always been filled with surprises and inspiring new innovations with the glimpse to the future technology. Like every year, Google I/O is always committed to provide a glimpse into the future potential and technology and with several other innovations and announcements, Android L was probably the most staggering announcement of the year showcased this year at annual Google I/O. Android operating system is one of the most widely used mobile operating system these days and every possible news or update about Android is certainly a big new for the technology enthusiasts around the world.

With the next version Android L, the android operating system is expected to experience a major overhaul that is expected to change several existing features and expected to add several new features including heads-up notification appearing on full screen applications, animated themes, improved battery performance and recent App activity manager.

Android L

Android L: An Insight

We get you an advance preview of the upcoming Android L platform that is expected to change the user experience to a great extent. With several new features for users and App developers lined up the release date still remains a mystery. Take a look at the proposed updates:

Material Design:

The upcoming release will be sporting a brand new material design style with a fresh sleek, stylish and a catchy look. Material design with animated shadows and activity transition effects will allow raising user interface elements. With light and dark theme customizable UI widgets with the color palette app bars add on another dimension to the stylish appearance.


With the notification feature being updated, the new update offers the ability to present notifications even in the lock screen mode. User settings will give you a choice to allow sensitive notification content to be displayed even over a secure locked screen. However, you can choose to disable such notification also. In addition to lock screen notification, another exciting new feature includes heads-up notification that will appear even for the full-screen applications. With heads-up notification appearing on top of full-screen supplication now you can easily know if someone sent you a message or any other notification that you were missing while playing games or using any other full screen app. Simply swipe these notifications to dismiss them.

New Android Runtime (ART):

Packed with plenty of new features that are plenty of reasons like AOT compilation, improved garbage collection and improved debugging support to say good bye to the Dalvik runtime and a preferential replacement with New Android Runtime (ART).

Recent Screen:

The previous versions displayed only the latest interaction with the Application in recently used apps, however the new update will let the user to checkout various activities within the app, in the recent screen giving way to efficient multi-tasking between individual activities within the app and also promotes quick switch between individual activities and documents from separate apps.

Power Efficiency:

Dedicated to prolong the battery life and improve the power usage, the project volta will take up the issues for high battery consumption. So if you are the one complaining about low power efficiency of your android, then certainly there something for you in the new update.

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