Facebook is the most visited social network in the world, while the video is considered the best type of advertising at the moment. If you combine the two most powerful marketing tools, you can get the most effective advertising of your product or service. Let’s see how to properly advertise a Facebook community using video.

Why Video

In 2015, Ted Zagad, an advertising specialist for Facebook, said that in two or three years the video would be the main advertising tool on the site. And he did not deceive us.

The video is used in advertising campaigns with the following goals:

  • Redirect people to the website
  • To raise publications
  • Increase the number of conversions on the website
  • Receive video views

With the help of online video marketing, you can create individual audiences from users who have watched the video. By the way, more recently this feature was only available for companies with the purpose of receiving video views. Now audiences are automatically created in advertising campaigns with other goals, for example, any video marketing agency is able to increase the number of conversions. Also, let us remind you that individual audiences are needed for further retargeting.

How to Write a Script for a Video Advertising

Corporate video film makers say that the ideal length of video advertising of Facebook community is 15-20 seconds. For this duration, five sentences are sufficient. In these proposals, you must:

  • Grab attention
  • Arouse interest
  • Summon a desire
  • Create a conviction
  • Call to action

Grab the Attention of the Viewer

Grab attention with the help of the question. Focus on the pains or desires of the audience. Think about your customers’ problems, difficulties or desires. Then they are not happy? What are they striving for? Think about how they feel about it.

Cause the Interest

After you have captured the attention of the audience, you need to hold it. Hint to users that there is a solution that will help solve their problems. Use at this stage the words “new” and “easy.”

Call the Viewer’s Desire

Describe your proposal so that the viewer wants to use it. Focus on the specific benefits of your product or explain how you differ from competitors.

Create a Viewer’s Conviction

At this point, use one of the six triggers that drive people to action:

  • Reciprocity
  • The principle of consistency
  • Social evidence
  • Sympathy
  • Authority
  • Deficiency

Triggers of social proof, authority or deficiency are suitable for the video. You can attract a famous person who will show that they are using your product or service. Limit your offer in time or quantity. Say how many people have already used your offer.

advertise a Facebook community

Add a Call to Action

The easiest way is just to tell people what they need to do after watching the video:

  • “Call now”
  • “Order”
  • “Sign up”, etc.

So, the video on Facebook is a powerful tool to attract the attention of potential customers to your community. Rollers are played in the news stream automatically and without sound. That’s why your video should immediately start with traffic, contain text and be intelligible even without sound.

Tips for Promoting a Facebook Video of Your Community

Use web video production analytics to determine the optimal video length! Now, in addition to counting the likes, with corporate video production analytics, you can determine how long people are viewing your video. When creating new ones, consider these parameters when you want to advertise a Facebook community.

  1. Duration of viewing
  2. Total views
  3. The number of unique views
  4. The number of views, both paid and organic
  5. How many people watched 95% of the video (audience retention)

After determining after what time the majority of visitors complete the preview, you will learn what the optimal length to make the next video. And finally, advertise your videos. This is a guaranteed way to show your video message to a wider audience.

If you’re targeting, then video ads on Facebook can be a great way to increase traffic on your community page. Hence, start advertising with a small amount. Moreover, we recommend testing ads and increasing the amount only when you see a pleasant number of responses.

At Digitallagos, we continue to offer all the essential information required for your success in video marketing. 

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