The digital marketing potential and user engagement for social media networks are growing by the day. According to Statista statistics, the number of minutes spent daily on social media platforms increased from 90 minutes in 2012 to 136 minutes in 2018. Some of the digital media strategies that worked in 2012 might not be effective in 2019. This is why as a marketing entrepreneur you must be on top of the game by learning what digital marketing strategies are working now?

Start a private group

Before you even form any group, you must identify with your target audience. Find out people who get excited about your content. Those who usually seek for more and want to engage every time you upload content.

When you form a group, you’ll always attract different kinds of people who have different interests. Your business needs people who will grow it. Focus on the target audience who are looking for solutions in your business.

You should identify those enthusiastic about what you offer and form a private group where you are sure when you submit a deal to them, they are highly to accept. The most important thing here is to look at those who are looking to solve their problems using your ideas, products, or services.

Build what you have

With the changing climate of the internet in terms of new apps, new social media platforms, and likes it can be tempting to join. It isn’t wrong to have different social media accounts as they can attract more audiences to your channel or website.

The issue is new social media platforms have sprouted after Facebook, and some received a massive subscription that is short-lived after a short while. It is crucial for you to focus on the social media platforms you have and try as much as possible to utilize their benefits to your advantage.

An excellent example of a social media network is Facebook. Facebook is not just a social media where people go to have a fan and enjoy watching funny memes anymore. It has greater than 1 billion users worldwide, and this goes on to show this is the right platform to find your target audiences.

Facebook has more information about its subscribers, and by using the data collected by this social media platform, you can build your following and rich out to the right prospects.

Using targeted ads

Why are paid advertisements not working for you and work for others? It might be a question that bothers you each time you try to put your business out there for people. Your approach to paid ads might be a problem for your failure.

You can’t pay for ads, stay aside, and expect changes to occur like magic, no. Those marketers and entrepreneurs you see doing well using paid ads aren’t sitting down waiting, what do they do?

  • They utilize SEO marketing strategies. Using keywords that relate to your products and meeting the demands of your target audiences are some of the SEO skills successful digital marketers use.
  • They update their content. If you create content and just leave it without updating, your competitors will be ahead of you. Remember that there are millions of marketing content uploaded every day.
  • They use marketing analytics tools to help them collect important data.


Why should you create content to third-party platforms when you have your platform to build? Yes, you need to contribute to third-party platforms to grow and attract more audiences to your social media hood. How is this possible?

This is how it works; you are going to contribute to other established channels or websites that are necessarily focusing on the same niche as your platform.

For a small business to collaborate with an already established business, it is more of a symbiotic relationship where both parties are reaping benefits from each other which is the 50\50 win.

You’ll get more reach from the other side, and the other platform will also get reach from your channel.

Use social media platforms as search

Many people are looking for remedies to their problems on the internet and thanks to platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter, most online marketers, and businesses can provide the desired solution for specific issues.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are easy to access and reach out to people. An example is when you go to Twitter and type help plus another keyword that is related to your niche, you’ll get tons of results where people are looking for help.

By using these platforms like search engines, you are updated on what your audience is looking for and offer the right solution, product, or service they need.


Whether you are established or starting on the business, you need social media to reach out to potential customers. Before you start on digital marketing strategies, you should be able to answer the following questions.

  • Who needs your products or services?
  • Where do your target customers hang out (in terms of social media platform)?
  • Who are your customers (about age, sex, and gender)?
  • What are your competitors doing?

Teamwork is important for any type of business and by hiring experts to run your business you rest assured you’ll reap more profit and less loss. If you are looking for professional experts or advice on social media marketing strategies you can and grow your business.

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