In the age of digital content, being unique is crucial to getting noticed. With so much content available on websites and social media, your digital content needs to be fresh and produced based on your brand identity. This will grab the audience’s attention and ensure that they remember you, and your message. I recently came across the custom-made videos for Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. Her custom videos, which are shared through social media and her website, are fantastic!

They always display the same tone, colors, positive vibe, and quality. Her videos have clearly become an essential part of her brand and growth, connecting her directly to her audience while constantly increasing her reach. Here is a more in depth look into some of the reasons why you absolutely need custom-made videos on your website and social media, and how they can generate a constant flow of new customers.

Forming a deeper connection with your audience

The top reasons and benefits for adding videos to your website is that it shares your company’s message, it gives your company personality, and increases your brand awareness. All of which can effectively be accomplished with custom-made videos. By using custom videos, all the little details that matter (and make you memorable) can easily be incorporated into your video.

Your logo, brand colors, typography, and tone, will come across quickly and consistently. The message can easily be defined and directed to your target audience, incorporating your values, products, and services. Hence, it builds a deeper connection with the visitor, engaging them into staying on your website for longer and to take action, whether that is to try a new service or product.

Increase in reach… and sales

Whether you are sharing your videos through your website, social media, or both, videos connect you with the customer in ways that a cold call and other sale methods can’t quite do. Essentially, videos are good for sales.

Custom-made videos make you more personable. It assists you in sharing who you are and gives the audience a better look at the products or services that you are offering. It gives you the opportunity to show how your product works, live testimonials, and more. The best part about using videos is to reach. Your video will always be available, and people can constantly share and promote it. With the right video optimization and ads, you can reach thousands. And maybe even millions every day, which increases your ROI exponentially.

Unlimited possibilities

Many individuals often wonder… when creating content on a regular basis, why not use stock videos instead? Stock videos are convenient and affordable. But truth is that there are many limitations when it comes to stock videos, which could hinder your ROI in the long run. You can get around some of those limitations with a good video editor. For example, the one that color correct clips and add your own personality to it (as much as possible). But in general, stock videos limit in terms of the videos that you can find available to use, and available options to feature your products or services within the video.

Another limitation comes when you start working with stock videos on a regular basis – especially on social media. You will start seeing the same clips over and over on different projects, some even by your competitors. Custom-made videos on the other hand, will allow you room to set yourself apart from your competition. At the same time,  displaying your creativity and uniqueness – bringing you, new customers.

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