Instagram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays. Every day, 800 million active users upload billions of photos and videos. At the same time, Instagram videos get 2 times the engagement of photos that any other social media platform! Of course, paying attention to these stats, marketers, and entrepreneurs do not avoid the opportunity to develop their business and use Instagram videos to attract new customers. But because of the high competition, not everyone business video production succeeds. Many cannot draw benefits from the Instagram for their venture. In this article, we will tell you how to create an effective Instagram video advertising to stand out from the competition, enhance your brand recognition, and maximize your profit.

#1. Come up with the Memorable Idea

The idea is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of your corporate video production for Instagram. Video ad film makers always pay attention to how many of the same videos are present today in the Instagram space. And only some projects have millions of views and become viral. To succeed, be sure to conduct brainstorming, consult with colleagues and friends and try to create a truly unique and memorable concept.

#2. Create Catchy Intro without Sound

When speaking about the implementation, the most important ingredient is an effective start, which will help to stand out from the entire information flow. After all, every tenth publication on Instagram is advertising, and users often just flip through it. To prevent this, corporate video film makers always try to intrigue the viewer from the first seconds of the video. For this, you can use non-standard foreshortenings, bright colors, charismatic characters, atmospheric places and so on. Turn on your creativity and imagine yourself in the place of your target audience. And remember that your intro should interest the viewer without sound. Instagram automatically starts video advertising. It does not turn on the sound but leaves this right behind the viewer.

#3. Follow Instagram Video Requirements

Before you start to shoot a video for Instagram advertising, it would be nice to get acquainted with the requirements of this social network. So, the maximum size of your video should not be more than 4 gigabytes. Also, you must observe a certain aspect ratio. In the case of square video, it should be 1 to 1, in the case of landscape orientation, the parameters are 4:5. Of course, do not forget that the video must pass censorship requirements in terms of compliance with generally accepted norms of morality.

#4. Add an Effective Description

When examining a feed, the user sees only three lines of your ad. The rest of the text hides behind the ellipsis. Try to make the first words of your description involving, intriguing, catchy so you can instantly attract the attention of visitors. Be sure to make short, concise offers, and say something unusual, unexpected, shocking or even strange. Address your audience as “you” several times, emphasizing that you wrote the text thinking about your visitor. And of course, try to follow the reaction of readers and adjust the description of your Instagram video advertising. Finally, do not forget about hashtags.

#5. Do not Forget about a CTA

We will not exaggerate if we say that your Instagram video ad production will not be useful if it does not have a Call to Action. Again, in today’s online space, users can simply forget why they’re watching your video. Therefore, it would be wise to remind them of the essence of your message. Push the viewer to a specific action: join your community, subscribe to your account, experience the benefits of your product or service, and the like. Statistics show that an effective call to action can double your conversions, so CTA is must-have for any video content.


Let’s sum up our recipe for successful Instagram video advertising. First, the video must have a strong catchy intro at the beginning, and the same CTA at the end. It should also have a concise description with relevant and competitive hashtags, and meet the requirements of the social network. In the end, do not forget that the most important secret of effective video lies not only in successful implementation but also in a successful original concept. Everything begins with an idea and continues with the effective epitome.

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