How we make Video


Our concept team will work with you to identify your idea, and decide what kind of content will work best for your product. This includes:

  • A discussion of your idea and the style you would like to use (film, black & white animation) 

​Once we’ve got a feel for your online video, it’s time to start planning our video content.


Subject to the content we are producing, we film our footage from several angles, making sure to get good close ups so that editing appears more natural. Our team can shoot in 1080p as well as 4k, the latest in ultra-high definition video.


Once you are happy with the footage, our creative media services team turn it into a high-end digital video and audio editing program and:

  • Cut it down to size.
  • Add in music and outside audio
  • Insert graphics, text and other elements
Posting Online

Once you are happy that your video has been fully edited, we determine the most efficient placement of the video online and execute delivery across:

  • Your company website
  • Social media platforms

To get the best exposure, we present your video to a hand picked network of "influencers" who push out the video to various social bookmarking sites so that you get the most coverage possible, and your video is seen by all the right people

If you have ever had a brilliant idea but struggled to put that into a clear concise video script let us know.

We offer a free consultation that will help you focus your message and create a good, effective video