Careers is looking for motivated content creators, bloggers, designers, photographers, and influencers

DigitalLagos is looking for motivated content creators, bloggers, graphic designers, photographers, and influencers to create media teams responsible for blogging and video blogging projects.

The goal of digitallagos TV is to inspire, broadcasting important topics of interest to digitallagos TV audience’s in an honest, down –to – earth voice. You will be the main voice of digitallagos tv, aiming to connect genuine individuals, both employers and employees in the field of media and advertising using interactive media as a primary tool for putting the two together.  

This is a remote freelance work, with no travel required, but does require monthly deliverable. All documents can be completed in MS Word, with data download through reliable web access.

To apply: 

Send a covering letter explaining why you are suitable for the role along with your CV to