Marketing/Business Developer

Do you have marketing development experience? Are you looking for a part-time job with flexibility to work remotely? We need a brand manager for our startup company. We need someone to help us launch our brand in Nigeria. This means a young individual who understand trend and social media, branding, etc for our target customers. Key responsibilities will include input at every level of our marketing and business strategy, planning with the funding team how we will go to market, who we will target, how we will talk to our customers, what the personality of our customers, what the personality of our brand will be and more.

As a brand manager you will help us develop an in-depth understanding of, what we stand for and why we are an important brand. The brand manager will have skills in copywriting, social media marketing strategy, community outreach, event planning, online advertising, hard-working, learn fast and be excited to take on leadership role. Person specification: 25 - 35, with Degree BA preferred, but willing to look at none degree holder.

Need to be native Nigerian or at least a major Nigerian city. Experience of brand building or marketing in Nigeria. Specific job title experience does not matter, but the brand manager must understand the process of putting out a specific message (words, images videos) in front of customers messaging market response, adjusting and improving messaging etc

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved at ground level and influence the way the organization evolve. We would be happy to discuss the position in more details off-line with interested candidates. If you think you might fit these requirements, please send us a Word Copy of your resume or a brief capability statement, showing how you match our requirements to