Streaming FAQ

  • What are some pitfalls and problems to watch out for?

    Using poor quality media can cause big problems. Starting out with high quality media is important because it allows you to convert data to an accepted digital format, without losing too much quality. The importance of using high quality original media to get good results can’t be emphasized enough. In the world of streaming media, where you end up really does depend on where you start.

    Using full motion video instead of less spacious formats can also cause problems. Often, presentations are more effective using illustrated audio techniques or simple audio, rather than motion video. Audio and illustrated audio are better when your audience is using modem connections. Remember to always look at the factors when deciding whether or not to use full motion video.

  • How will guests access my streaming media files?

    All they have to do is visit your Digitallagos profile, and click on your media clips. Through their media player, guests will be able to see and hear your audio, videos, or presentations. Within seconds, streaming media begins showing them what sets you apart. Admit it, streaming on Digitallagos with all the other creative professionals feels pretty good.

  • Who will the guests call if they have problems or questions?

    If a guest has any issues accessing your media clip, they can call our support line and we’ll address the problem. If we discover it’s related to our hosting server, then our we’ll pinpoint the issue and fix it in a timely manner. We’re here to make sure that nothing stops guests from viewing your streaming media.

  • How reliable are the Streaming Media Services?

    Our high quality hosting servers keep your media streaming fast and smooth. They have a high performance rating, and are proven to be reliable. However, if a failure of any kind occurs, we’re here 24/7 to fix any issue and restore things back to top speed.

  • Will all my guests be able to view my streaming media?

    Many visitors will already have experience accessing streaming media, so they’re likely to have a media player currently installed for RealMedia, QuickTime, and Windows Media. If they do’n t have the proper player installed, then they’ll be prompted to install it when they click your media.


  • Can I manage my media file?

    Yes, you certainly can manage everything on your profile. We give you personalized login details, and access to the Members’ area. Here, you can manage and update your profile. From information, to images and artwork -you have control.