YALI Network Nigeria Dinner & Awards Night


This INFORMATION STRICTLY FOR NIGERIANS & INTERESTED NON-NIGERIANS. In commemoration of the 1st Year Anniversary of the YALI Network Face2Face in Africa. The YALI Network is an inspired initiative of the President Barack Obama to build sustainable leadership in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement and Public Management. The YALI Network has allowed many across the continent connect, synergize, collaborate and partner in implementing brilliant ideas that never would have seen the light of day. We will having a YALI Network Nigeria Dinner and Awards slated for December 26, 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria. This YALI Network Nigeria Dinner & Awards focuses only for Nigerians but other African or Non-African Citizens are invitted to purchase tickets for the main EVENT taking place in December. The Awards only applies to Nigerians or non-Nigerians whose work has being carried out in Nigeria in the last one year. We will also have a presentation on the YALI GOES GREEN theme with a little pep talk on how we can encourage and have CLEAN GREEN ENERGY in Nigeria and Africa. The YALI Network Nigeria Dinner & Awards is scheduled as follows:


From : Dec 26, 2015