Lofty Heights Conference 2016 - The Winning Edge


This event has been designed as an inspirational and empowerment platform for the participants, mostly youth within the ages of twenty one and thirty five, to being the best at their chosen fields and live a purposeful life that is built on excellence. The year 2016 edition, themed "The Winning Edge" features people with proven track records of impeccable achievements across different sectors of Nigeria’s Economy including Banking, Consulting, Comedy, Media (Radio and TV) and Music Industry. Holding the event at the start of a new year is again very instructive for us. We foresee that the Lofty Heights Conference will become such a phenomenal annual event which people will always look forward to and where they come to be inspired, motivated and more importantly, empowered to run in the new year. The Lofty Heights Conference promises to be an encounter of a life time for the participants. It is a conference like NO other!


From : Jan 23, 2016