BBC Connected Studio


BBC Connected Studio, the World Service and BBC News Labs are holding a collaborative ideas workshop in Lagos on 18 January 2016 in partnership with Co-Creation Hub. The aim of this event is to generate ideas for digital tools and products that better distribute BBC News to African audiences, and increase the reach in ways that are relevant to these markets. Following this open invitation for proposals there will be an opportunity for selected ideas that meet the brief criteria to be developed into pilots. Successful teams will not only be paid to build these pilots but will receive further resource and help to develop skills at an international level. The build of the pilot could take up to six months, and therefore teams that are selected should be available during this period. We believe that the audience is at the heart of everything the BBC does and therefore it is important throughout the process to get user-feedback. During the build of the pilot we'll undertake local user-testing and once the pilot is complete, it will be launched on BBC taster [], our global public testing platform. We are inviting digital agencies, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts within the tech ecosystem both locally (Nigeria) and on a global scale to take part.


From : Dec 24, 2015