Video marketing isn’t a new concept in brand marketing, but its high popularity today makes it look like a new component in online marketing. Businesses experience a tremendous amount of profit by using video in digital marketing, and this is why many companies use videos in marketing products and services. You should know about video marketing benefits to make the most of it.

Video marketing isn’t making a video on a product or service that you want to put out there, but it involves several strategies to follow for it to be an asset rather than a liability. Are you starting an online business and you don’t know where to start? Worry not because everything is broken down for you to understand.

Types of videos to use for your online business

There is a tonne of videos you can use to market your brand or service, but not all of them are the best. I have narrowed down the list to five types that will bring your business more revenue than you expect.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) videos

If you have a website, you get many questions asked by your audiences and most cases you get overwhelmed answering each one of them. There is always this one question that most people are asking on your website about a specific thing.

You can have a FAQ video where you answer questions that are frequently asked and that way you don’t have to repeat answering the same question over and over again. By now you should know that more than 80% of internet traffic by the consumer will come from video by 2020. By incorporating a FAQ video in your marketing strategy, you’ll increase sales.

How-to videos for business

Are you selling out your strategy while doing these kinds of videos? No. How-to videos are one of the four topmost watched videos on Youtube by users. Such videos give you authority more than selling out your business secret.

Take the example of a noodles company. It will provide a recipe on how to make the noodles and with this type of video those people who didn’t want to purchase for the reason of not knowing how to make it will now buy it.

Some buyers feel like you are way too expensive and by making a video of how you make your product without necessarily going more in-depth into details will give a better understanding to the buyer. The buyer will understand how much effort you put into making your product and why you equate it to whatever price you place on it.

Product and service videos

How do you get sales? By search engines showing your videos or content to the target audiences. Product and service videos help search engines to understand more on which niche you are into and what audiences you are targeting. These type of videos will help you with search engine optimization, and in return, you’ll get more purchases. Keep reading about the video marketing benefits.

Email bio videos

Most people prefer watching than reading. When you are sending an email to your list, you can always incorporate a bio video on the subject you are tackling. If you are sending an email on the service, you offer, you can have an in-depth video on who you are, what you offer, what you have achieved so far and how you plan to tackle your prospects problems. If you are looking for more traffic, then this is the type of videos you should add to your video list.

Explanation videos

Most people visit the internet looking for solutions to their problems. A high percentage of these people prefer watching a video that explains what their experience will look like. You can always listen to a video without necessarily watching it and it because of this reason videos have the upper hand over blogs.

Explainer videos talk more about how you are solving a particular problem? How your audience is going to benefit from it? You’ll get a better conversion with this kind of video.

Bottom line

More businesses are embracing video marketing even your competitors are doing so. It is vital you stay ahead of your competitor by trying out on video marketing with a professional digital marketer. A digital marketer who has been in the market for quite a while understands how the market works and when it changes.

  • Are you looking for better conversion?
  • Do you want to improve your SEO?
  • Do you want to have authority?
  • Are you looking for more traffic?

We hope that you get the maximum video marketing benefits your business deserves. Want to know more? Get-in-touch with one of our specialist creative consultants for a free consultation.


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