YouTube has been recognized as the second largest search engine when it comes to ranking SEO. This is mainly due to the fact that video content not only performs better on the web when it comes to viewer interaction and engagement, but it also makes up the largest portion of web content available to online users today and that number is only increasing. Whether you are creating a video communication strategy to show your audience how to start your own business or how to perform simple everyday tasks, people search for everything on YouTube or for video demonstrations. Research has shown us that the content in form of visuals have more impact and is longer lasting than compared to the written text.

Now that videos are the next big thing, it is important to take advantage of its gaining popularity to build your presence online. Recently, with tremendous evolution in marketing technologies, new innovative digital marketing strategies replace traditional marketing methods. A strong digital communication strategy consists of many moving parts, with the video marketing strategy playing an important role in overall brand success and online performance. We know that videos have become a must, and that there is no marketing if there is no visual communication. Let’s take a closer look at how visual communication is key for marketers and businessmen and how to use it effectively to continuously grow your visual presence on the web.

Brand Recognition 

Your brand is your reflection. A company or personal brand represents your entire business and your goals. Some things to be addressed are the overall brand strengths and weaknesses, audience demographics, and ideal messaging channels. Focus on highlighting your strengths and improving in your weaker areas while creating your communication strategy.  Having this information available and identified will help your videos mirror your brand and identity. You build a reputation in the digital market by building a brand presence through different marketing avenues. In return, your brand builds a great reputation in the digital market. A good way to start is with “How To” or explanation videos. Describe your company and what you do. It is a step in the right direction to establish your presence in the digital community.

Customer Needs Should Be Your Priority

Engaging the audience with informative videos about your company is good. But you also need to understand the feelings, moods, and needs of your customers. It is important to always have a current understanding of what they are interested in seeing and hearing about. Strong brands will work to stay up-to-date with changing trends and build confidence with your viewers by consistently providing them with what they want to see. If you are successful in reaching to your targeted audience with the right visual content, the chances of your leads getting converted to your clients are very high.

Be Unique In Your Style

Video and multimedia messaging that focus on customer needs in business campaigns are a top priority. However, the delivery of your messaging should always be authentic to your brand and set you apart from the competition. Everybody is branding through videos and multimedia, but what you need to do it build a unique style that defines your brand. With many online or social media platforms offering time limitations, the viewer decides almost instantly whether to continue watching it or move to the next option.

Establish your credibility and solution to the problem early on. But make sure to build enough suspense for them to make the viewer want to continue to watch. Quality and unique video strategy will help build brand reputation and loyalty. If they look at your video, they should recognise within the first 5 seconds that it is your brand’s video and continue to watch. Make sure you do this while creating your communication strategy.

Display On The Right Platforms

Everybody wants to be everywhere to ensure maximum promotion of their business. But that may not be the right strategy. It is important for any business to be where your customers are, especially online. Social Media is one of the most popular and important places to promote your business through videos and multimedia messaging. It offers several platforms with different audiences. But you need to analyse and decide, which one is the best for you in terms of making a direct connection with your target audience. Take time to research where your customers or potential clients are and focus your visual communication on those platforms. It will be more effective and manageable being at places where you can measure audience engagement than trying to be everywhere your audience is not.

Invest In The Right Tools

Every business wants to see measurable results for the things that they invest in. They do it to make sure that they are effective investments. The same goes when it comes to investing in the tools to help you create, edit and distribute video content. The best thing a brand can do is invest in tools to help them track. At the same time, also analyse the performance of their video content on the web. There are several sites where you can do the analysis including Google Analytics, Heap, or Kissmetrics. There are also many sites which help you in the production and editing portion of your video marketing strategy including Animoto, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Hyperlapse, Adobe Spark, Stop Motion Studio, Moovly, Raw Shorts, Magisto, PowToon etc. If you can’t manage this type of work yourself,  companies like DigitalLagos have established reputations in successful video marketing for their clients.

There are endless new opportunities to engage prospective customers and audiences with a smart and effective video marketing strategy. However, if you want to stay ahead of the game, you should use new techniques and opportunities. You will easily see the benefits of adding video and multimedia messaging tools as part of your digital marketing strategy. Firstly, you have to work your way from brand recognition and establishment. Secondly, focus on customer needs. Thirdly, find the right platforms and tools for executing your video marketing strategy.

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