Toy gadgets bring an enjoyable aura to our homes. They can never replace real pets or be as cute as real puppies, but Domgy is here to change things a bit. Domgy is a cute robot toy by Roobo that service as a homing device and a communicator. It is a smart electronic dog that doesn’t require feeding, walking or nurturing.

Unlike other consumer robotic toys, Roobo Domgy is both functional and fun. Here are some of the best Domgy features of this cute robotic dog.

Bold Features of Roobo Domgy

  • Integrated camera and screen
  • Voice recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Home Security
  • Home Automation
  • Personal Assistant
  • Communication Assistant
  • Weather Forecast
  • Route Information
  • Remote Control
  • Voice Command Photos and Video
  • Home Device Control
  • Video recording
  • Smart Self-Charging
Wakes you up in the morning

Wakes you up in the morning

Domgy Design

Domgy’s designed is inspired after puppies, very cute looking and useful at the same time. The body is made up of durable fiber touch sensors so when you pat it, it responds with lovely reactions. There are two wheels under each of the arms and on underneath the main body. The rotating neck and hinged arms allow a variety of motions.

Domgy face recognition

Domgy features face recognition

Human-Friendly, Interactive

There are many ways you can interact with it. Clap to call Roobo Domgy and tell it to take your photo or record a video. If you want to call a friend, it has all your contacts so phone calls, messages, and even video calls are just a voice command away. Domgy comes with a remote control so you can manually control it as well for accurate motion. At certain times you even don’t have to interact with it, it comes to you. For example, it can wake you up in the morning so you don’t have to use annoying alarms.

Domgy recharges itself without any help

Domgy recharges itself without any help

Smart Communication, Homing Device

This amazing toy dog connects to your home appliances like TV, printer etc. So it can stream videos directly to your TV, mirror its screen or in and show you photo gallery. Domgy can also upload your photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Want to listen to music, just tell Domgy which song.

Domgy servies as a homing device

Domgy servies as a homing device

Home Security

Domgy patrols your house when you sleep. Its built-in motion sensor detects any suspicious activity in the house. The AI software of the gadget helps it capture and archive various events like who visited your home. Its face recognition feature creates a list of the visitors and shows them to you by name and warns you if an intruder comes into your home.

Domgy Security Report

Domgy Security Report

What More Can Roobo Domgy Do?

  • Tell you weather forecast including the temperature, humidity, and general weather report.
  • Tell you route information like Google Maps.
  • Serve you as a personal assistant and manage your tasks.
  • Automatically charge itself by connecting to its charger and disengage from it when fully done.
  • Play your favorite music, and dance to the tune with you
  • Print photos on the printer
Domgy weather report

Domgy tells weather report

Domgy is more than it appears on the surface, but you have to bring it home to discover its advanced home monitoring, entertainment, and other AI features.  The price has not been revealed, but it is coming soon!


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