Groov-e Fusion headphones are one of the best musical accessories you will buy in 2016. We have seen some great products from Groov-e, but what really makes Fusion stand apart from rest of the headphones is its unique quality of being wired and wireless at the same time. You can use it on batteries or save them by connecting to a charging cable.

There are some high-end headphones in the market that offer similar features like Fusion, but they wear price tags that are not affordable for everyone. Groov-e brings Fusion stereo headphones so you can have a great bass experience without feeling light on your pocket.

Wireless or Wired stereo headphones

Groov-e Fusion is a unique headphone that can play back both wirelessly and with a wire. They come with a removable 3.5mm audio cable so you can connect it to your smartphone, car or wherever you find a headphone socket. But you are not limited to cables. If you have a Bluetooth audio streaming feature available on your smartphone or any other music player, you can stream songs wirelessly. Further, if your car has advanced infotainment system with Bluetooth streaming, the passenger on the third row can listen to the songs without leaning their heads forward.

Groov-e Fusion all features

Groov-e Fusion all features

10-12 Hours of Wireless Playback

The package includes a microUSB charging cable to charge the Fusion’s rechargeable batteries, which makes these headphones ideal for longer trips. Uninterrupted playback also means you can use them to watch up to 3-4 movies without worrying about losing the charge.

Groov-e Fusion colors

Groov-e Fusion colors

Luxury Experience

Fusion stereo headphones offer great noise isolation. Their soft ear pads not only act as a soft bedding for ears so you can listen to the music for hours without hurting your ears, but also provide an efficient noise canceling barriers. Don’t worry about the adjusting it on your head and ears because Groov-e’s Fusion headphones easily sit on anyone’s skull without let you feel that crushing feeling you get due to pressure from low-quality headphones. Swivel cups make sure your ear pinnae are completely covered.

Groov-e Fusion advance features

Groov-e Fusion advance features

Superb Bass Effect

Featuring 40MM driver for exceptional treble and bass response, you are going to be completely blown away by its powerful studio effect. If you didn’t know, “studio effect” means a musical experience so immersive you almost feel like sitting in a studio listing to the music playing life as it is created.

Groov-e Fusion advance features

Groov-e Fusion advance features

More Features

They boast a built-in microphone, which is amazingly hidden into its body. So the mic is not visible, but do not worry, your voice will reach them clearly when you are talking to your loved ones on Skype. Available in three eye-catching colors (Black, Gold, Silver), they are one of the best headphones you can buy in 2016 to meet the taste of your music with a powerful base.

At just £34.99, Groov-e Fusion headphones are incontrovertibly 2016’s gift to you. So don’t miss out, get them today on from Groov-e store.




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