Chatbots are offering companies the opportunity to interact with their customers to create a personalized experience. Most marketing firms say that chatbots will be one of the defining tools for any social media marketing strategy for 2017. As with any new technology, companies need to figure out how to incorporate them and how to effectively create a value-add for their  businesses. This article will not only define chatbots but give five specific ways to use them effectively.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence that talk to clients on your behalf using scripts. They can recognize basic language and answer some easy customer questions by direct message. The nice thing about chatbots is that they are giving small and middle sized businesses a way to personalize the experience while also cutting employee costs. Businesses no longer need to hire a live person to answer the repeated basic questions that a lot of customers have. Research shows that most customers want the ability to use online messaging to interact with businesses day and night for customer service. However, customer service isn’t the only reason to employ chatbots for a business. When people think of artificial intelligence, they automatically focus on The Terminator. While chatbots are not dangerous droids trying to destroy the world, they can turn your marketing strategy into a killer.

Personalize and Target

Chatbots save information provided by your customers. Using chatbots allows businesses providing the individualized content that consumers want by talking with them. They also save information making future interactions even more personal and even more useful. This kind of marketing strategy is one of the top trends for 2017.


Furthering the Reach

Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all opened up their messenger applications to chatbots. This means that with access to more people through more platforms using chatbots, a business can expand its reach. Instead of trying to guess what people want from the company, the company can now ask and tailor its supply to those demands.

Additional Content

No matter what service or product a business provides supplementary information always adds to the personalization of the marketing campaign. Using chatbots, companies can also send push notifications about events and other attributes. Chatbots that save and track personal preferences can create additional customer trust and loyalty.

Multilingual Marketing

Online business is global. A small startup can reach all the way to the other side of the world. However, an international marketing strategy traditionally requires being multilingual. With chatbots, a small company can translate its messages into a variety of languages. Instead of limiting yourself, you can expand not just in terms of interest demographic but in terms of physical location. Speaking in the same language as distant customers means that you are able to interact in new ways and build a new sense of trust.

With personalization becoming a strategic marketing tool for 2017, the cost-effectiveness of that personalization needs to be determined. Moreover, companies looking to have more meaningful interactions with their customers with a strong ROI need to begin to use chatbots.

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