Podcast Host/Interviewer

Continuing with its career conversation series, digitallagos is looking for a podcast host/interviewer for podcast that will go out to our audience.

1. The services

The podcasts will feature a pannel based business show, taping into the industry news cycle and analysing emerging trends. The podcast host/interviewer shall conduct the interviews, provide editorial consultancy on the script and questions, and all production services, including: familiarization with requirements, recording and professional presentation   

2. Format

The most engaging format would be a simple interview, with the host/interviewer introducing the guest and asking the questions.  The podcasts show would be about 5 minutes in length, starting and ending with appropriate music. Each podcast will end with Our Top Five Tips.

3. Your job will include:

Drafting and editing narration script and interview questions & answers. You will do research on guests in order to prepare for interview, find relevant guest, and film a video interview over either Skype or Facebook with the guest that will be posted on our blog, shared on our social media platforms, and be sent out to our email list. You may follow this link to watch previous episodes

We will start with a single interview. If it goes well, this will be an ongoing position

Digitallagos will be responsible for editing, music/jingle, encoding, packaging as five minutes audio programmes and uploading of the finished product as a downloadable MP3 files to its web site

How to apply:

To apply for the position of Podcast Host/Interviewer, please email a covering letter explaining why you should be shortlisted for an interview and an up-to-date Curriculmm Vitae to

[email protected]